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NComputing launches Chromebook CX110 and Chrome app

Today NComputing launches the Chromebook CX110 and Chrome app
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Today NComputing launches the Chromebook CX110 and Chrome app, providing the ability to run Windows applications on Chromebooks. NComputing Chromebooks, with the vSpace client, now provides multi-user access to the Windows, Java or Silverlight applications often necessary for learning and testing applications.

vSpace software provides a centrally managed, scalable solution that delivers as many as one hundred individual Windows desktops from one computer.

Key features of the NComputing Chromebook CX110 with vSpace include:

  •  11.6" IPS LCD panel - to provide the best Chromebook viewing experience for students in the classroom. 
  •  Less than 10 seconds to go from off to full-speed
  • Built-in security helps keep students safe from viruses, malware and other computer “nasties”
  •  High-performance quad-core CPU with long battery life that lasts up to 8.5 hours 
  •  Updates are automatic 
  •  vSpace Client for Chromebook - a Chrome app that can be installed from the Chrome Web Store, which gives users access to a virtualized Windows desktop and comes with a one-year free license to vSpace virtualization software (MSRP: $50)
  •  “Sandboxed” kiosk mode - prevents students exiting testing applications, so students will no longer be able to search the internet to find answers during tests
  • Premium Education content - Free one-year subscription to with access to over 6,000 HD video lessons in Math, Science, English and AP subjects plus ACT prep (MSRP: $179)

NComputing Chromebook is available for the North American education market through authorized NComputing resellers with an MSRP starting at $199, including a one-year subscription to vSpace Client for Chromebook and NComputing will begin accepting pre-orders on May 12 with product availability in June.



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