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Cleveland District Partners with SchoolMint in School Choice Program

Cleveland District Partners with SchoolMint in School Choice Program

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) in Cleveland, Ohio partnered with SchoolMint, the leading provider of mobile and online enrollment and school choice systems for PreK-12 district, charter, and independent schools, to support the implementation of its school choice program. The district was able to serve 3,644 families in the 2015-16 school year and plans to expand its use of the system to include the city’s charter schools.

CMSD initially implemented its school choice program in 2014 in response to declining enrollments and in an effort to address equity and transparency for parents and their children. Following the initial program implementation, the district sought a technology system that would further simplify the choice, selection, matching, waitlist, and registration processes for parents and for the administrative team.

“We were in need of a technology-enabled, centralized data clearinghouse to support and manage informed school choices for our more than 30,000 families here in the district,” said Kevin Alin, CMSD’s Executive Director of School Choice and Enrollment. “SchoolMint represented a number of value propositions we were seeking and provided us with an integrated system to efficiently manage our school choice program.”

SchoolMint’s four primary solutions include Application and Lottery Management, Registration and Re-enrollment, Digital Forms and Documents, and School Choice and Unified Enrollment. These solutions provide a mobile option for parents as they navigate enrollment and school choice.