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Keyword Library Addresses Self-Harm, Radicalization

Keyword Library Addresses Self-Harm, Radicalization

Impero Software, remote monitoring and management software provider, has updated its keyword libraries to include a more comprehensive list of U.S. specific terms related to bullying, self-harm, radicalization and more. Impero will showcase the updated library in their booth #708 during the 2016 ISTE conference June 26-29, 2016 in Denver.

The updated library, combined with Impero Education Pro software, helps educators monitor and analyze student activity on school devices. The software alerts educators when a student uses words or phrases that match a term in the keyword library.

Impero’s keyword library includes terms such as “gkys” which is text-speak for “go kill yourself;” “biscuit” which is a term to define a gun, “thinspiration,” a term often used by people with eating disorders, and “Yodo,” an acronym for “you only die once,” an extremist phrase used to promote suicide bombings and recruitment to violent extremist groups. Students can also use the software to anonymously report concerns about themselves or others to trusted adults.

The updated library of U.S. keywords, including the radicalization terms, is free for existing Impero customers and will come standard for new customers. For more information,