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Edgenuity Earns AdvancED Digital Learning Accreditation

Edgenuity Earns AdvancED Digital Learning Accreditation

Edgenuity announced today that it has earned Digital Learning Accreditation from AdvancED, an international community of education professionals consisting of over 34,000 schools and school systems across 72 countries.

Edgenuity was evaluated and approved for effectiveness across the following categories:

  • Teaching and Learning Impact: Student performance results, instructional quality, learner and family engagement, support services for student learning, curriculum quality and efficacy, and college and career readiness data.
  • Leadership Capacity: Institutional purpose and direction, governance and leadership effectiveness, stakeholder engagement, improvement capacity, and results.
  • Resource Utilization: Allocation and use of resources, equity of resource distribution to need, level and sustainability of resources, long range capital, and resource planning effectiveness.