Digital learning suite offers training and support

  Cengage Learning has created CourseCare, a customizable service and training program
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 Cengage Learning has created CourseCare, a customizable service and training program that accompanies the CengageCourse suite of digital products and services.

Digital solutions managers and sales representatives consult with instructors to help them select the right digital solution for their classroom. Service and training consultants provide instructors with flexible, customizable training, and digital solutions coordinators partner with each instructor to offer ongoing service and support throughout a course, as needed.

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Free digital resources offered

Kaplan K12 Learning Services, in partnership with the Alliance for Excellent Education, announces its participation as a partner in the first Digital Learning Day campaign, designed to celebrate innovative teaching.

Atomic Learning Releases Windows 8 Training

Atomic Learning has expanded its training collection to include a series of tutorials on Windows 8, as well as training on Captivate 6 for PC users, Flash and Photoshop CS6, Sakai 2.8 for Students and SMART Board Notebook 11 to the Atomic Integrate library.

Online Learning Tutorials Offered

Atomic Learning has seen high demand for tutorials on Blackboard 8, and now offers more than 58 brief video lessons on managing, presenting, and analyzing assignments, creating conversation between students, and sharing information among other educators.