Digital Resources Website Adds Teacher's Editions

Shmoop (opens in new tab), publisher of digital learning resources, introduces Teacher's Editions for 18 of its most popular Learning Guides. Shmoop also is unveiling its new Teacher Resources Center (opens in new tab) featuring examples and ideas from fellow teachers to help educators learn how to use Shmoop in the classroom.

Shmoop offers academically rigorous Learning Guides in seven subjects: literature, poetry, bestsellers, US history, civics, biography, and music. Written by experts and educators, the guides contain deep analysis, questions, quotes, and multimedia, and use a conversational tone in combination with pop culture, trivia and humor to help make topics approachable and relevant to high school students.

The guides are available free of charge to students and educators. Shmoop Teacher's Editions offer free access to 100s of standards-based activities and to related interdisciplinary readings. For a one-time fee of $5.95 per topic, educators receive unlimited access to discussion and essay questions, reading quizzes, and activities for relating the topic to current events and pop culture.