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CDW Offers Cloud Planning Services

CDW Offers Cloud Planning Services

CDW today announced an extension of its cloud computing competencies, offering a comprehensive set of services that helps customers develop a customized plan for leveraging the cloud.

CDW Cloud Planning Services enable organizations to select from an array of fee-based advisory services that produce insights and recommendations for developing a cloud strategy. The offering combines consulting and diagnostic services to help customers determine which of their applications and workloads make the most sense to move to the cloud. Available services include four progressive levels of optional, pre-defined workshops that range from a one-day seminar to a seven-week engagement, with opportunity for customized projects tailored to customers’ needs.

  • The most basic level of CDW’s Cloud Planning Services is Cloud 101 – a one-day workshop that outlines cloud market trends and evaluates an organization’s IT environments.
  • CDW’s Cloud 201 is a one-week, in-depth look into the customer’s IT environment to help them develop a cloud strategy, construct supporting business cases and identify data center transformations necessary for cloud adoption.
  • Cloud 202 is a three-week process that includes the Cloud 201 consultation and additional focus on total cost of ownership (TCO) frameworks to identify cloud vendors that match the customer’s specific workload needs.
  • The most comprehensive CDW Cloud Planning Services engagement, Cloud 301, is a seven-week process highlighting consideration and definition of the financial and non-financial benefits of cloud adoption at the customer organization.

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