Districts honored for ed tech commitment

The National School Boards Association‘s (NSBA) Technology Leadership Network (TLN) has recognized four school districts for technology innovation.

Dysart Unified School District – This rapidly growing 24,000-student district, just outside of Phoenix, invested in network modernization and created a culture that emphasized using technology to transform instruction and administrative operations.

Jefferson County Public Schools – Kentucky’s largest district has provided all 6,000 teachers and administrators with Tablet PCs to support its vision of using technology to enhance instruction and change administrative practices.

Liberty County School System – Since the creation of their Technology Advisory Board, the 10,200-student Southeast Georgia school district has seen increases in Web use, classroom technology initiatives, and student participation in the Georgia Media Festival.

Township High School District 214 – Township High School District 214, a 2000 TLN Salute honoree, has shown a long-term commitment to using technology in the classroom.

The four districts will be honored at NSBA's 2010 Technology + Learning (T+L) Conference, October 19 to 21 in Phoenix.