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Students Deploy NDI Technology to Deliver High Tech Video

Students Deploy NDI Technology to Deliver High Tech Video

A smartly-dressed anchor is seated on a chroma-key set. Animated graphics cycle through a background showing the latest election results. Camera feeds switch back and forth between live reporters in the field sharing a split screen with the anchor desk. Students at Penn-Trafford High School near Pittsburg, PA delivered live coverage of the school’s mock presidential election this past November using a new technology - NDI from NewTek.

NDI, or Network Device Interface, makes it possible to send video over a standard IP network, wired and wirelessly, with no sacrifice in speed or quality.

Led by teacher Steve Vinton, Penn-Trafford TV Production students were able to use NDI to send video wirelessly across the school’s network to the studio’s NewTek TriCaster multi-camera video production system with software that allows users to incorporate audio and video sources from anywhere on a local IP network into its video productions.

For video and more information, visit the NewTek blog.