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GameSalad Announces CS4RI Partnership

GameSalad Announces CS4RI Partnership

GameSalad is partnering with the State of Rhode Island in its Computer Science for Rhode Island (CS4RI) program to help make computer science education available for all students from grades K-12, especially those between the 6th and 8th grades.

As part of the partnership, GameSalad will join the Rhode Island Governor’s Office of Innovation, the RI STEAM Center at Rhode Island College, and RIDE to offer a variety of computer science opportunities to the next generation of leaders in up to 65 schools around the state. The CS4RI course, “Computer Science Through Game Creation,” will help students apply computer science concepts by building professional-grade mobile games, and does not require any prior computer science experience.

GameSalad’s drag-and-drop interface allows middle school students to create high quality games while learning the logic and architecture necessary to understand programming.

Visit to learn more about CS4RI and see the GameSalad course offering. More information about GameSalad for Education can be found at