McAllen Independent School District Upgrades Network

McAllen Independent School District Upgrades Network

Aerohive Networks® (NYSE: HIVE), announced today that McAllen Independent School District selected Aerohive, in partnership with Dell EMC, to perform a network overhaul.

McAllen high schools rank in the gold and bronze categories of the “Best Schools in the Nation” listings by U.S. News & World Report. Operating in the metro area ranked poorest in the United States, where close to three-quarters of the district’s population is economically disadvantaged and a third has limited English proficiency, McAllen relies on modern technology to beat these handicaps and achieve excellent outcomes. It was one of the first districts in the country to provide everyone — 24,254 students and 1,675 teachers — with mobile devices to facilitate effective learning and teaching.

McAllen’s curriculum was becoming more and more based on wireless technology and after 18 years with the same vendor’s products, the school district decided to review leading networking solutions. The district solicited bids from several vendors and reviewed technical capabilities, the interoperability of multiple manufacturers’ devices, and the financial impacts of purchasing and long-term operation.

McAllen ISD chose Dell EMC networking solutions together with wireless devices from Aerohive.

Through this solution, McAllen ISD realized both immediate and long-term cost savings. Savings also result from reduced licensing expenses and process changes with the self-healing network. The help desk can delegate the use of the management console to a support specialist and offload it from the most experienced IT professionals. With a network optimized for learning, McAllen IT also gained greater control, which directly affects the user experience.