Study: Few Educators Give their School an ‘A’ in Available Technology

Study: Few Educators Give their School an ‘A’ in Available Technology

Only thirteen percent of educators give their school/university an ‘A’ when asked to rank their available technology’s ability to improve the learning experience for students, according to a new study from public relations and digital marketing agency, Walker Sands Communications.

Walker Sands surveyed more than 500 education professionals from across the United States on their experiences with education technology and its impact in the classroom.

The report, called “Evaluation of EdTech: What Technology Means to Educators Across America,” determined that most educators view technology as a positive addition to the classroom. Education professionals say top goals for edtech include a way to better engage students (69 percent), access to more academic resources (58 percent) and a means to better prepare students for academic success (58 percent).

However, many barriers limit edtech’s full potential at schools/universities. Cost (29 percent), compatibility with existing technologies (24 percent) and ease of use (22 percent) are top concerns for edtech purchasing decision makers, as found by the study.

The study also identified that distractedness (42 percent), price (25 percent), and alienation (22 percent) are three of the top concerns when it comes to adopting technology in the classroom.

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