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D2L Announces Brightspace Summer17 Upgrades

Global learning technology provider D2L has announced the Summer17 release of  its learning management system (LMS). Brightspace.
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Global learning technology provider D2L has announced the Summer17 release of its learning management system (LMS). Brightspace.

Features include:

  • Activity Feed in Brightspace provides a place on the course home page for teachers to communicate with students about reminders, upcoming assignments, new content or discussions.
  • Brightspace Lessons uses content from publishers, school-provided content, Open Educational Resources (OERs) and their own materials. The drag-and-drop features make it easy for teachers to add, change and arrange content. 
  • Data Access to 50+ category-based datasets, enabling customers to combine Brightspace data with their own data sources.
  • The new Quiz tool allows instructors to save setup time by copying and pasting from other sources, such as Microsoft Word, and retain formatting and images when creating a quiz.
  • D2L’s new any-device Daylight interface was created using responsive design so that the experience will be similar for learners regardless of the device they use, whether they’re on a mobile phone, tablet, Chromebook™ or PC. 
  • New configuration options that will enable system administrators to set up integrations quickly and efficiently. 

To learn more about the features within Brightspace Summer17 visit: www.D2L.com/seasonalrelease. To learn more about Brightspace, visit: https://www.D2L.com/brightspace.



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