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Amazon Announces TenMarks Writing Online Curriculum for Teachers

Amazon Announces TenMarks Writing Online Curriculum for Teachers

Today Amazon announced TenMarks Writing, a new online curriculum designed for teachers to help their students become better writers. TenMarks Writing teaches storytelling and expository writing for students using scaffolding, an instructional technique in which students learn step-by-step how the writing process builds.

Additionally, TenMarks Writing also incorporates natural language processing technology to provide students with automatic, personalized feedback and help teachers deliver differentiated comments as students work through their compositions. TenMarks Writing is available for $4 per student for an entire year and educators can sign up for a free 30-day trial by visiting

TenMarks Writing features include:

  • Writing Coach: Using a learning engine that employs natural language processing technology and end-to-end scaffolding, Writing Coach is a digital assistant that guides students throughout the writing process.
  • Bursts: TenMarks taps into short writing formats many students are familiar with from mobile apps. With Bursts, students can choose to comment on an interesting picture, create a story around two characters texting each other, and more.
  • One-Stop Teacher Resources: TenMarks Writing provides educators with lesson and unit plans, anchor charts, rubrics, and graphic organizers.