itslearning Updates User Interface, Onboarding

itslearning Updates User Interface, Onboarding

Learning management system (LMS) developer itslearning is updating its user interface and onboarding processes. New features provide “to-do” guidance for students so that they feel supported in their learning.

User Interface

The itslearning planner now serves as a hub that connects files, resources and activities stored inside and outside of the LMS.

The planner now contains a new plan viewer that allows students to see the learning goals, resources and activities in a plan as a “step-through” sequence. The itslearning LMS has also brought the planner’s resources and activities columns together to facilitate teachers’ mixing resources and activities in the best sequence.


New onscreen support will guide teachers new to the LMS through core tasks. For example, when those teachers are setting up a course, the system provides a checklist of all the essential tasks involved.