How Lawrence Public Schools Simplified and Centralized Data

How Lawrence Public Schools Simplified and Centralized Data

As education organizations intake more and more data across multiple systems, there is a growing need for effortless data interoperability. Without centralized data management, educational leaders find it challenging to leverage their data and plan effectively for student success. For educators, siloed data is no longer a viable option. Precious time and resources simply should not be dedicated to multiple manual data entries, which are both laborious and vulnerable to human error.

Lawrence Public Schools was struggling to get teachers to buy into their BlackBoard LMS, they found that the workflow of data entry was susceptible to human error and too time consuming. Dr. Terry McEwen, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, heard their voices and hoped to shift the district into a direction of data interoperability. He believed there had to be a way to get the disparate data systems across the district to communicate and flow, but after a year long attempt to build a solution in house, it simply wasn’t working.

During this webinar, you will discover how Dr. Terry McEwen used DataSense to bring data interoperability to his district in weeks. After a year long search for a data management system, Dr. McEwen transformed a data system with siloed data, inconsistent LMS adoption, and dissatisfied users into a seamless data hub with bi-directional data flows and real-time data updates.

Attend this webinar (Wed, Sep 20, 2017 3:00 PM EDT) to learn:

●The essential components of data integration and centralization
●How data interoperability can increase implementation across the LMS and other data systems
●How to address common challenges of data management before it has an adverse effect on students and educators
●How effective data management can help education leaders identify needs and best practices across an organization