SchoolDude Debuts Education Operations Health Index

SchoolDude Debuts Education Operations Health Index

Dude Solutions today unveiled its inaugural Education Operations Health Index, a bi-annual collection of unique data and survey results reporting on the state of school facilities and operations nationwide.

The Education Operations Health Index combines two decades of SchoolDude operations data and a 23-question survey addressing preventive and deferred maintenance, technology, energy, community use and safety. More than 200 education operations professionals at K-12 and private schools, four-year universities and two-year colleges answered the 2017 survey.

Highlights of the Fall 2017 Education Operations Health Index include:

Preventive Maintenance: The year-to-year ratio of PM to non-PM work orders has slightly increased (from 17 percent in 2016 to 19 percent in 2017).

Community Use of Facilities: Schools are only recovering an estimated 40 percent of community use costs, demonstrating an opportunity to include cost recovery efforts and slow deterioration.

Energy Conservation: Energy remains the second largest expenditure for school facilities budgets, yet the majority of SchoolDude’s survey respondents (83 percent) have not seen an increase in their energy spend from last year.

Technology Management: 58 percent of respondents say they have more assets to deploy this year compared to last year. Nearly 90 percent of respondents expect their instructional materials to be at least 50 percent digital within the next three years.