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Keep portable digital data secure

 The ToughTech portable storage enclosure now includes  government strength encryption
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 The ToughTech portable storage enclosure now includes government-strength encryption and stores up to 2 TBs on 3 ½” SATA HDDs with the new ToughTech Secure Q.

ToughTech Secure Q guarantees full-disk hardware based encryption without degradation of performance. If a drive is lost or stolen, no one will be able to view its contents without the proper AES Encryption Key.The TT S-Q enclosure is available with base units starting at $189.00 MSRP.



300x Portable Microscope

A new portable microscope with rotating lens offers advanced digital enlargement and image capture features to classrooms and science instruction labs.

Micro-portable projector

Panasonic Solutions Company today announced the new PT-LB3U, a lightweight micro-portable projector featuring a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels and up to 3,200 lumens of brightness.