Math and science competition now open

Intel's 2010 Schools of Distinction competition is accepting applications now.Every year, Intel honors U.S. schools that have demonstrated excellence in math and science education as Intel Schools of Distinction. Up to three schools will be named as finalists in each level: elementary, middle, and high school within the two categories of math and science, receiving a cash grant for $2,500 from the Intel Foundation. Six winners will be selected from the finalists and one of these winners will be selected as the "Star Innovator."

Finalists, winners and the Star Innovator will all receive a cash grant from the Intel Foundation. Finalists will receive a $2500 grant, Winners a $10,000 grant with the Star Innovator receiving a $25,000 grant. In addition, program sponsors will provide products and services to the 5 winner schools and the Star Innovator. The application deadline is Feb. 17, 2010.

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