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New audio reading aid

This fall, Scobre Press will be releasing a new reading aid called the Book Buddy™. An MP3 audio device costing less than $20 per unit, it features a narrator reading stories and books kids can relate to - while they read along.

  • Book Buddy audiobooks areintended to be used alongside the corresponding books in print. The narrator refers to each photo and caption in the print books to aid students in following along as they listen.
  • Professionally recorded by a human voice and come with embedded sound effects that aid in comprehension.
  • Pre-loaded with complete books from any library
  • Allows students to navigate at their own pace: they can pause, fast-forward, rewind, or skip directly to any chapter.
  • Each audiobook is paced appropriately—lower-level versions of text are read at a slower pace than higher-level versions

For more information, call (877) 726-2734 or visit