Policy Brief Cites Effective Program

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus funds are tied to using data to demonstrate the outcomes of the programs in which the federal dollars are invested.

A recent policy brief, published by the Alliance for Excellent Education, identifies “Using Data” from TERC as a professional development program that is helping schools around the country, particularly schools in high poverty areas, use data to improve teaching and learning.

The policy brief, “Achieving a Wealth of Riches: Delivering on the Promise of Data to Transform Teaching and Learning,” singles out Using Data as a program that helps schools narrow the achievement gap, improve student outcomes and change their cultures.

Developed by TERC, with a grant from the National Science Foundation and evaluated by independent researchers, Using Data has documented gains in student achievement in mathematics, science and other content areas and has been successful in narrowing achievement gaps between economic and racial groups, as well as increasing collaboration, data use and instructional improvement.

To read the complete Alliance for Education policy brief, go to http://all4ed.org/files/AchievingWealthOfRiches.pdf .
For more information about Using Data, visit http://usingdata.terc.edu/