Secretary Duncan launches new education portal

There's new place on where education innovators can share their ideas. The Open Innovation Portal will be a place where funders, innovators and practitioners can spotlight areas of need, propose improvements, and fund solutions in and outside of the classroom.

Portal users will register for the site and create online profiles with their background and basic contact information. All registered users, whether teachers, administrators, or members of the general public, are invited to be "innovators" and post their "solutions" on the Portal. Solutions are posted to categories of educational "challenges" of interest to the community, the Department, and potential funders. Initial challenges will be aligned with i3 priorities such as supporting effective teachers and school leaders, or serving schools in rural LEAs.

Users can upload supporting materials including videos and web links. Once posted, members of the community collaborate and rate, rank, comment, ask questions and offer resources to the proposed "Solutions." Through this collaborative process, the best ideas rise to the top and weaker ideas either improve or are filtered out.

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