September 11th Education Program

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, The September 11th Education Trust, Social Studies School Service, and the Taft Institute for Government will hold a press conference to launch The September 11th Education Program: A National Interdisciplinary Curriculum, a multi-media program featuring seven teaching units designed to help students understand the impact and legacy of September 11, 2001. The press conference will be held September 8th at the New York Marriott Downtown.

The curriculum includes teaching units with activities for understanding 9/11 as history, debating the government's role during disasters, discussing the nature of heroism, evaluating foreign policy vis-à-vis national security, and clarifying how informed citizens can take beneficial action.

It also prompts students to interpret primary source materials including photographs, video footage, and oral histories and to document their findings by means such as Google Earth and a timeline. Two DVDs supply interviews with survivors, rescuers, victims' relatives from the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and hijacked airliners, and political leaders (including Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Mayor Rudy Giuliani). The program also features a 12-minute Remembrance Presentation, discussion questions and a video timeline of the day. A binder includes complete lesson plans and reproducible handouts.

To learn more and to download the free Remembrance Presentation, visit