Sliderocket Announces Preferred Pricing for Education

SlideRocket, a leader in online presentations, today announced preferred pricing for education, giving teachers and students in grades K-12 unlimited access to the full range of SlideRocket’s SaaS, Rich-Internet-Application software at a substantial discount.

Today, SlideRocket is announcing annual subscription pricing for educators in three tiers: Schools with less then one hundred and fifty students will pay $249 per year, schools with less than one thousand students will pay $449 per year and schools with over one thousand students will pay $999 per year. Every member of the school community – teachers and students alike – will be able to create his or her own SlideRocket login with this pricing.All subscriptions provide access to premium features, enabling teachers and students to create presentations with easy-to-use editing tools, work collaboratively online, organize a shared library of assets with intelligent content management, share their presentations publicly or securely, and measure results with presentation analytics.

Students can now access their presentations from anywhere the Internet is available – the school computer room, neighborhood library, or home. They're no longer required to own expensive presentation software, and can work collaboratively with other students and teachers while staying on the cutting edge of new communication tools.

“When I showed SlideRocket to my kids, and taught them some of the basics, they exploded!” said Chris Conant, a teacher at Hidden Springs Charter School in Boise, Idaho. “I've never seen kids so ecstatic to work on presentations. Was I ever shocked when 10 out of my 25 kids came back the next day and let me know that they worked on their presentations at home. This was not assigned homework; this was 100% on their own. Being able to edit, view, and share their slides with anyone, anywhere makes SlideRocket perfect for school use.”

"I have to share with you that once my students started using SlideRocket, they kept using it and only it for their presentations.” Said Lynn Messman, an Embedded Academics English Teacher at Greater Lawrence Vocational Technical School in Andover, MA. “I was astonished by a couple of my typically less-engaged students who have just run with it. They have used SlideRocket not only in my classroom but also in their history and English classrooms. They are taking great pride in using something different. I could not be more thrilled.”

Schools interested in SlideRocket’s K-12 education pricing should visit http://info, to register their credentials and qualify for the program. Schools that cater to students beyond high-school should contact to inquire about pricing and everyone can sign up for a free 30 day trial at

About SlideRocket:

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