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Smart cart extends battery life

 Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. has begun shipping laptop computer carts with a brain.
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Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. has begun shipping laptop computer carts with a brain. The company's 20- and 30-unit Intelligent Laptop Computer carts incorporate a Power Management System or "brain" that decreases heat and electrical stress while proportionally distributing power to the laptops, resulting in batteries that last longer. A special Cable Clutter Closet also keeps all power cords and wires stored in the back portion of each unit.

"Overcharging a laptop battery is the number-one way to reduce its useable life," explained Jim Fisher, product manager for Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. "The Intelligent Laptop Computer carts are the only carts with a brain smart enough to charge the laptop batteries evenly and reduce power before they become overheated."

Bretford will show the carts during TCEA 2010(Booth #508) February 8-12 in Austin, Texas. In addition, up to $75 in end user rebates will be offered for every Intelligent Laptop Computer cart purchase made between March 1, 2010, and June 30, 2010.The starting list price is $3,138.For more information, visit



FETC News: Tech furniture that's smart, clean

 Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. will show a variety of technology furniture for educational environments, including the first laptop computer cart with a brain, during FETC 2010 January 12 15 in Orlando, Florida and TCEA 2010 February 8 12 in Austin, Texas.

New adjustable AV carts

 Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. has introduced two affordable AV carts. Designed for educational environments, the two new models will be available for order starting in January 2011 list prices that begin at $344.00. The new height adjustable AV carts are compact