Software makes PC more accessible

Nuance Communications, Inc. today introduced Nuance Speak & See, a suite that combines speech recognition, a screen reader and magnifier, a reading and writing toolbar, and a language learning assistant to help students with physical disabilities and learning challenges work with a PC.

The suite allows students with learning challenges to see the relationship between the spoken and written word through a combination of speech recognition and text-to-speech. Students who have other physical challenges or who generally struggle with using a keyboard and mouse can use to more clearly view their screen and navigate their PC. Through its text-to-speech capability and bilingual dictionaries, Speak & See allows users to hear spoken words, helping to distinguish between different pronunciations and meanings, depending on context.

To watch Speak & See in action, visit YouTube.

Speak & See is priced at $249.99, and educational discounts are available for students and schools. For additional information visit