Study: Nine factors linked to improved education

The Project RED (Revolutionizing Education) research team unveiled a new study at the National School Boards Association T + L conference in Phoenix that details how nine key implementation factors are linked to improved test scores and graduation rates, as well as reductions in disciplinary actions and dropout rates.

Entitled The Technology Factor: Nine Keys to Student Achievement and Cost Effectiveness, the report surveyed 997 schools in school year 2009-2010 on issues related to school leadership, environment, technology implementations, and instructional and financial impact. Questions regarding 22 independent variables provided insight into 11 education success measures, ranging from graduation and dropout rates to high-stakes test scores and paperwork reduction.
“Project RED seeks to define technology models that can be replicated by schools across the nation, to assure consistent improvements in academic performance and financial value from future education technology investments,” said Project RED coauthor Leslie Wilson, CEO of the One-to-One Institute, a national non-profit that provides consultancies for education technology implementations. The report includes a roadmap to large-scale technology implementations designed to guide schools as they embark on their journey of transformation.

Project RED key findings are available for free download at