Survey looks at IT energy use

CDW-G’s annual Energy Efficient IT Report examines where energy efficiency ranks among IT priorities, how organizations are improving efficiency and challenges that hinder the achievement of efficiency goals. CDW-G surveyed 756 IT professionals in business; federal, state and local government; and K-12 and higher education.

Highlights of the K12 results include:

  • 74% have or are developing programs to manage and reduce energy use in IT.
  • 63% have reduced IT energy costs by 1% or more.
  • 22% have flattened or reduced IT energy use, but increasing prices of electricity conrtinue to drive up IT energy costs.
  • 77% have or are developing a specific data center consolidation strategy
  • 75% are familiar with the EPA's energy star rating for Data centers program, but only 12% track the core measurement PUE (power usage effectiveness)

Key challenges to energy efficiency cited were not enough money for new, more efficient systems and not having a way to isolate and measure the energy used in IT operations.