Visionary Conference 2011

The theme at this year’s Intel’s Visionary Conference in Washington, DC was “creation and innovation” and brought together a combination of educators, vendors and the industry’s “alphabet soup" (CoSN, SIIA, NSBA, etc.).The event kicked off on April 13, 2011, with a compelling presentation by Robert Atkinson, founder and president of the Information and Innovation Foundation, who spoke of the importance of individualized learning in keeping students engaged and motivated. Other speakers, such as David Warlick, shared some of their favorite innovative tools, including:

  • Scratch: kids and teachers create video games using this free tool.
  • Phonebook: Books that include a slot for an iPod to make the pages interactive.
  • New search engine that makes searches visual through “doodles” that lead you to connected lines/search results.
  • CoolHub.IMSA: IMSA’s videoconferencing service.
  • creates graphs that show trends over time. Users can set demographic data such as income, life expectancy, health, and more.

Here are video highlights from the event: