Easing the stress of school changes

As teachers begin looking at new approaches to teaching 21st century skills, there are often pressures, confusion, misunderstandings, and many questions. Who Took My Chalk?™ was created by education consulting group The EdVenture Group to apply successful business strategies for dealing with change to schools. For example, businesses may hold an offsite meeting, bring in a facilitator to help work through new ideas, request input, and set a clear path and direction for success. Everyone may not love the plan, but everyone has the opportunity to discuss and provide direction for the new path.

Who Took My Chalk? creates a customized experience for each school based on the 21st Century Framework and the school's unique circumstances. Each organization follows the steps of the model at its own pace and with adjustments based on its needs. At the core of each school's plan is building a strong foundation for change by focusing on school attitudes and culture.