Facebook Leads Among Educators

Preliminary results of a Survey of K-12 Educators on Social Networking and Content-Sharing Tools were released last week at the EdNET Conference in Chicago. According to the survey, Facebook is currently the leading social network that educators have chosen - 86% of educators who have joined a social network have joined Facebook.

Another key finding is that educators who have already joined a social network are far more positive about the technology and its value in education than educators who have not joined a social network.

Educators who responded provided insight on the factors that are inhibiting the growth of this technology in educational settings including-major privacy concerns, schools/districts that block access to these website, and time pressure.

The survey was co-sponsored by three organizations-edWeb.net, MCH, and MMS Education-and was deployed to more than 70,000 K-12 principals, teachers, and school librarians.

To request a copy of the preliminary results, send an email to survey@edweb.net or call 800-575-6015, ext. 100. The final report will be issued in October.