FETC 2010 NEWS: Ed Begley Jr. to present at Opening Session

On January 13th, actor, author, environmentalist, and activist Ed Begley, Jr. will speak about the roles science and technology play in environmental education during the FETC 2010 Opening Session, sponsored by Discovery Education.

Ed Begley, Jr. - known for showing up to Hollywood events on his bicycle - is involved in numerous environmental groups, including the Thoreau Institute, Tree People and Friends of the Earth. He also is an established actor, currently co-starring in Planet Green's series, Living with Ed. In addition, Begley has authored two books: Living Like Ed and Ed Begley, Jr.'s Guide to Sustainable Living, the latter of which was released in September 2009.

"Teachers play a critical role in shaping the lifelong habits of young people," commented Begley."In my remarks, I look forward to impressing on teachers the critical role they can play in leveraging technology to promote among their students a sense of wonder and responsibility about the world around them."

The Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) will take place Jan. 12-15, 2010, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. For more information about FETC, visit www.fetc.org .