FETC News: Create,store and share digital lessons

A new educational repository product announced at the Florida Education Technology Conference enables K-12 teachers to create and store their digital lesson plans, as well as to align them to state standards and share them with other teachers in their district.

The product is the result of a new partnership between Promethean and SAFARI Montage. Educators who use Promethean's ActivClassroom will have the ability to integrate media-rich SAFARI Montage resources into lesson plans and classroom activities.

Research shows that by broadening the available resources and creating an integrated approach to use digital content in the ActivClassroom, teachers can more effectively address the academic needs of all students. In fact, a 2009 study conducted by Dr. Robert Marzano found that students taught with the Promethean ActivClassroom achieved 17 percentile points higher on average, than students taught by the same teacher, teaching the same content, using traditional methods. To download the study, visit www.PrometheanWorld.com/marzano.