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Free Math Worksheet Downloads

Microsoft Education Labs has released Math Worksheet Generator, and plans to release two more applications this fall.

Math Worksheet Generator, available for download today, allows educators to create personalized math worksheets for an entire class or individual students.

o Eliminates the need to photocopy worksheets or textbooks to find math problems

o Worksheets can be used for in-class or take-home assignments, tests, quizzes or materials for tutors

o Created in Word, which makes it easy to reformat, save and print

o Integrates with Microsoft Math 3.0

Microsoft Folder-Based Sites - available later this fall - helps educators create a Web site which automatically converts files such as Word documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks into HTML files, allowing educators to store, organize and share their materials with their students online.

o Easy folder creation to organize documents via "drag-and-drop"

o With HTML, no special applications are needed on students' computers

o Ability to upload many files at once - this is something not typically supported by existing Learning Management System offerings

Flashcards - available later this fall - an interactive application for educators and students to create flashcard decks or choose from a catalogue of digital flashcards featuring audio, text or pictures.

o Personalizes the studying experience for the student

o Uses a special algorithm to track how many times a student visits a card to help them know how they are progressing on the study subject

A video showing how these tools work can be viewed here .