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Help for rural Haitians

Cerebellum Corporation has recently helped fund a charitable project conducted by SionFonds,
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Cerebellum Corporation, a company specializing in the production and distribution of educational video content, has recently helped fund a charitable project conducted by SionFonds, a non-profit organization that assists rural Haitians through education, health care, job training and community improvements. For the project, SionFonds organized a tour of 20 volunteer nurses and doctors to travel across parts of Haiti to educate and provide health aid to civilians. In addition, SionFonds set up clinics, schools and safe havens using donated supplies and funding.



Case Study: Rural Alabama School District’s Turnaround

A new case study released today by the Alliance for Excellent Education demonstrates how one predominantly low-income school district improved student engagement in the classroom and increased high school graduation rates through project-based learning (PBL) and the effective use of technology.

Connected Community Contest for rural schools launched

Discovery Education and the Foundation for Rural Service have partnered to launch the Connected Community Contest, a program that invites teachers and students in rural U.S. communities to create videos comparing and contrasting their community with a rural community in another part of the world.