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Assessment prescription tool, upgrades announced announces several new features in its programs for students and teachers:
Publish date: announces several new features in its programs for students and teachers:

NETS-T Teacher assessment tool - WayFind, a turnkey NETS-T assessment and professional development solution, now prescriptively suggests PD for teachers to help them excel at the standards.

Assessment Prescription Tool - A new solution, Assessment Import and Prescription allows districts to import third-party assessment data into Sky, the platform. Sky identifies and prescribes curriculum from a variety of education resources that meets those gaps in student learning. 

21st Century Skills Assessment - New for 21st century Skills Assessment is the capability to prescribe lessons from EasyTech technology literacy curriculum to meet gaps identified in the assessment. 

Aha!Math for RTI - Teachers using Aha!Math can now assess students, prescribe relevant curriculum to address their gaps, and monitor their progress.



Blackboard announces major upgrade

Version 9 promises new tools like Web2.0 and other social networking features. It also boasts a more open platform, which has been a criticism of the SIS in the past. Click through for the release.

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The Latest Assessment Tools

The SchoolLogic Web-based Student Management System includes the TeacherLogic Portal ( which features an online gradebook that lets teachers enter grades, multiple assignments, daily and period attendance, tasks, and course comments by class or student.