MIT to host Math Prize for Girls

On Saturday, Sept. 17, more than 250 middle and high school students will compete in the Advantage Testing Foundation’s Math Prize for Girls on the MIT campus.

Currently in its third year, the prize offers mathematically gifted young women a chance to showcase their talent and draw inspiration from a community of peers and mentors. The competition’s cash awards — first place is $25,000, second place $10,000 and third place $2,000, with the remaining $12,000 of prize funds divided among the rest of the top 10 participants — make it the largest monetary math prize for girls in the world.

Created and run by the Advantage Testing Foundation, the Math Prize for Girls is open to any female student from the United States or Canada who attains a qualifying score on the American Mathematics Competition exam. (Most participants are in high school, but some are as young as seventh grade.)