Customized tutoring available online and in person

Revolution Prep, an educational software and services provider, has expanded its academic subject tutoring program.

The first step in Revolution Prep’s process is to match with each student based on the student’s strengths, needs, learning style, personality and extra-curricular interests. The tutor then works with the student’s family to create a customized tutoring plan based on the student’s school curriculum and built upon the REACH approach. REACH is made up of five techniques and session themes:

  • Reteaching –These sessions help students who have had difficulty with a particular concept that has already been presented in class.
  • Exploration –Instructors help students apply skills in new and different ways
  • Advanced – Preview a lecture topic in advance
  • Capstone – Final exam or independent project
  • Homework–Knowledge gaps are identified, concepts reviewed

Academic tutoring is available in four separate plans starting at $45/hour for online tutoring and $55/hour for in-person tutoring.