Online business resource for students

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, has announced Gale Business Insights™: Global, a new international online business resource designed to help students progress quickly from basic research to higher levels of understanding. Gale Business Insights: Global integrates case studies, analytical tools and in-depth statistical data with narrative content.

Features include:

  • Case studies from Gale’s CaseBase collection, as well as cases from partners worldwide
  • Interactive charting tools for economic and business indicators that let students perform their own analyses and generate custom charts for use in reports and presentations
  • Statistical data from industry and government sources integrated with article content let users explore the broader context behind the trends they perceive in economic data
  • Global industry research reports for specific industries within specific countries
  • Global company and country overviews, as well as interactive rankings and stats, with links to associated news, case studies and academic journal articles