Survey: Online Safety Knowledge Growing

Yahoo! Inc. today released the results of a comprehensive online safety study, the second annual Consumer Online Safety Survey, which analyzed perspectives from 250 tweens (ages 10-12), 450 teens (ages 13-17), and 2,000 adults and parents (ages 18-64) regarding online safety education and privacy settings and how people manage their online reputations. Key findings include:

  • 72% of parents are concerned about their children’s online safety, compared to 78% in 2010
  • 88% of parents are talking to their kids about online safety, compared to 70% last year
  • All age groups indicate high usage of privacy settings, but teens show the highest use with 81% using privacy settings when setting up an online profile, compared to 76% of adults and 66% of tweens
  • Parents are most credited with educating their children about online safety; 81% of 10- to 12-year-olds credit their parents for educating them on safety.

To view the survey questionnaire and summary results, visit .