Four New Grammar Apps

Super Duper Publications has introduced four new educational, grammar-based mobile applications for students.

Each application, compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, includes all of the illustrated images found in the Super Duper Fun Deck print version of the App, plus audio of all text on the Fun Deck cards.

With the How? Fun Deck App, children grades Pre-K to 4 build their ask and answer, problem-solving, and reasoning skills as they respond to questions like, “How do you… make a new friend?” and “How do you… get ready for school?”

The Irregular Verbs Fun Deck App, for grades K to 3, presents 26 pairs of illustrated images, one with a present or future tense verb, and the other with a match-up irregular past tense verb.

In the Plurals Fun Deck App, children grades Pre-K to 3 work with 56 colorful illustrations of singular and plural nouns.

The Yes or No? Fun Deck App, for grades Pre-K to 3, has 52 different full-color drawings with sentence prompts to promote good listening, critical thinking, and conversational skills.

To watch a Show Me How video about each App, visit