Reduced Backup Windows for Virtual Machines

Data protection provider NovaStor has launched version 12.5 of its server and virtual machine backup products. The new release optimizes backup and restore processes in small and medium-sized companies by offering support for the latest virtual technology including VMwareESX(i) / vSphere 5.0 while increasing performance to reduce backup windows for virtual machines.

Support of standard technologies like VMware ESX(i) / vSphere 5.0 and Microsoft SQL 2012 enables companies to back up new versions with existing backup software. Beyond system support, NovaStor has reduced backup windows for virtual machines with a speed acceleration of up to ten times. Also being introduced is an enhanced backup of critical data to NAS devices which makes it easier to be compliant with corporate security policies. All licenses can be used to back up any supported system and business-critical data without additional costs or adding options.

Visit NovaBACKUP Business Essentials for severs, Microsoft Exchange and SQL as well as Microsoft SBS.

Visit NovaBACKUP BE Virtual for servers and virtual environments under Hyper-V and VMware.