Live lecture streaming to mobile devices

Mediasite by Sonic Foundry, Inc. has unveiled Mediasite 6, the latest version of the lecture capture platform.

New capabilities include:

  • Live or on-demand streaming of any Mediasite presentation to iPad, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry or Android device using HTML5 and H.264
  • System-wide search for words and phrases in a single presentation, a presentation catalog and across your entire Mediasite library based on indexed slide text, captioning transcripts and presentation metadata
  • Search engine optimization for public Mediasite content by exposing more information about your presentations, including metadata, slide text and closed captions, to the search engine
  • Enhanced Mediasite analytics with embeddable analytics widgets and iOS-friendly reports
  • Ingestion support for any H.264 video to be managed, secured and tracked alongside Mediasite content
  • Touch-friendly Mediasite Mobile Catalog for tablets and mobile devices
  • Web-friendly, resizable mini player for embedding Mediasite content in tight spaces on blogs and web pages
  • Custom presentation and catalog registration allowing users to collect information about viewers before they watch a webcast
  • Enhanced screen reader mode when using Mediasite Players with JAWS, Window-Eyes or any other screen reader
  • Multiple Mediasite Management Portal enhancements