Online enrichment game for SIS portal

Skyward Inc. plans to introduce an online, interactive game designed to proactively reward students for positive behaviors and accomplishments. This feature will be bundled with Skyward’s comprehensive student information system (SIS), School Management Suite 2.0 and provided to customers at no cost. Skyward will unveil the game at its upcoming iCon user event in Orlando, Fla., March 7-9, 2012.

Students will assume a virtual identity or avatar and earn in-game points through a variety of opportunities ranging from achieving a particular assignment score, meeting an attendance goal or rewards from district staff for non-academic activities. By accumulating these points, students can customize their avatar, advance to new levels in the game and enjoy other incentives.

Parents, teachers and administrators will be able to monitor students’ progress through the game. It also offers functionality to alert appropriate users to regressive changes that may point to concerns, as well as the ability to analyze data by school, grade or class to spot trends.