FETC 2012 NEWS: Simplify data capture with write-on pad

Today, KarbonStream® Corporation (www.karbonstream.com) announces the launch of KarbonPad, a patent-pending write-on tablet that recognizes numbers and symbols, instantly translating written information into data.

No special equipment is needed – only ordinary paper, pens, pencils and erasers are used. In schools, KarbonPad can be used for summative and formative assessments, Response to Intervention, Special Education and as a teaching tool. Teachers can administer paper tests in different formats (bubble sheets, multiple choice, written answers), on-board clicker buttons can be used for classroom quizzes, and oral tests can be given using microphone-enabled headsets.

KarbonPad will be available from March 2012 and can be purchased through seat licenses or by annual subscription.