FETC 2012 NEWS: Integration between StrataLogica® and SMART Technologies products announced

Herff Jones | Nystrom and SMART Technologies unveil new integration between StrataLogica® and SMART Technologies products.

Using version 11 of SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software being released in spring 2012, StrataLogica will become the first web application to integrate with the latest version of the software used by SMART customers. Notebook 11 users will be able to see StrataLogica saved custom views, presentations and projects in Notebook software. Users will be able to launch StrataLogica directly from Notebook.

The integration between StrataLogica and 800 Series SMART board interactive whiteboards will allow users to pick up digital pens to mark routes and add labels and then save the markings directly in StrataLogica.

StrataLogica, built on the Google Earth™ API, is a web-based product that delivers 2D and 3D layers of age-appropriate, curriculum-based content in a secure and collaborative 21st century learning environment.