Education tech company achieves carbon-neutral status

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc., today announced that it has been awarded CarbonNeutral® company certification by reducing its carbon footprint to net zero in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. Following internal efficiency measures, for each remaining ton of GHG emissions that Bretford produces, it is purchasing a verified carbon offset, which guarantees an equivalent amount of GHG is reduced from the atmosphere through a renewable energy or clean technology project.

To become a CarbonNeutral® company, Bretford’s CO2 emissions were assessed by an independent third party to determine levels from extraction, processing and transportation of raw materials; production, packaging and storage within manufacturing facilities; and volume and mode of transport to customers. Then modifications were made internally to help reduce emissions. For example, Bretford replaced HID/sodium vapor fixtures with florescent fixtures in its production facilities, resulting in an increase in brightness by 75 percent and a reduction in overall kilowatt hours by 40 percent for 2011, when compared to 2010.

Externally, to compensate for its unavoidable emissions, Bretford supports several carbon offset projects in cooperation with The CarbonNeutral® Company, including:

  • Garcia River Forestry
  • Yinshan Wind Power
  • Fiscalini Farms Methane Capture