Literacy Game Based on Operations of Cable TV Sports Network

Classroom, Inc. has partnered with educational game developer Filament Games to create a web-delivered learning game based on managing a cable TV sports network, Reading in the Real World: The Sports Network-2 (TSN-2).

Provided to schools at no cost, the learning game—set in a virtual 21st century workplace—uses the dynamic world of a cable sports network to promote Common Core literacy standards and support college and career readiness.

TSN-2 features 20 class periods of activities in which students act as Managing Director of a cable sports network that's swiftly losing its teen viewers Along with programming and marketing colleagues, the Managing Director strategizes a solution.

To celebrate the launch of TSN-2, Classroom, Inc. is inviting its board of trustees and New York City Department of Education teachers and leaders to a February 15th demonstration. After this initial roll-out, Classroom, Inc. will make TSN-2 available at no cost to schools throughout the country.