ASCD and CoSN launch PD Online® Course

ASCD and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) have launched a new PD Online course titled From Vision to Action: The 21st Century Teaching and Learning Plan.

The new course outlines 21st century teaching and learning and provides educators with tools and concepts needed to develop a vision of 21st century education and translate it into actionable practice.

Course topics include

  • Drafting a vision plan to help schools adopt 21st century teaching and learning practices and skills
  • Using key data from schools or districts to assess what must be done to support 21st century learning
  • Selecting the right approach for turning a vision for 21st century learning into an effective action plan
  • Monitoring and assessing the implementation of an action plan
  • Reflecting on implementation for a better understanding of the plan’s successes and challenges as well as to facilitate future refinements and improvements.

Each module contains readings, videos, or presentations conveying the course’s objectives. The modules also contain “Check for Understanding” questions, which provide immediate feedback on learning, and an application exercise that offers opportunities to work with and practice the concepts and skills taught in the course. In addition, each module contains customizable tools that may be downloaded.