LabQuest 2 offers Wi-Fi, GPS, and faster computing

Vernier Software & Technology’s new LabQuest 2 features faster computing, a large high-resolution screen, wireless data sharing, and five built-in sensors, including GPS. LabQuest 2 is compatible with all Vernier probes, which includes more than 70 different sensors used in experiments to study physics, chemistry, biology, and a variety of other STEM topics.

Used as a standalone device, or as a data-collection interface for computers with Vernier’s Logger Pro software, LabQuest 2 offers a 12.8 cm, high-resolution touch screen, real-time data collection, analysis tools, and on-board curriculum. Other features include a built-in GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, and ambient temperature, light, and microphone sensors.

LabQuest 2 will be available for purchase in April 2012 for $329. To learn more, visit